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Tuesday, February 8, 2011



today is Tuesday. as usual, tuesday is suck. i'm having most of my tutorial class on tuesday. mathematics, physics and chemistry and the night before tuesday,yes i had to struggle to complete all those stuff. sigh. everyday was the same.today was totally the worst. last night, i've done my mathematics tutorial with satisfaction and hoping for a better day today but then it turns into thunder. frustration. its all into me. i hate when it comes to that part. yes, i am a slow learner. i admit it but its not that i did nothing. yeah, for the whole class today, my mood was flying like no one care. i dont even care if the lecturers did noticed it. khairunissa rosle was totally down today. i hate it damn much ! merengek rengek teringat my mother that moments. nasib baik beliau tak angkat phone. kalau tak, confirm teriak habis habisan. :( i really want to say " i'm done with this ! " i dont want to study anymore. its just not my interest in this. please people. give me back my smile :(

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