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Friday, November 18, 2011

Terasa nak berblogging.

Assalamualaikum, Its been a long long time since last i updated. Why is it so hard to even make an entry now ? Otak dah berkarat ke cik kak? I really have no idea about it. Sekarang pon, aku still taktahu apa nak cakap kat sini. Pity me. Life had been so hard these days. Tests, presentations and assignments but still, I am so damn lazy. I'll be having a very first test for Java Programming subject. No wonder,i'm making an entry now hm ? Silly you. During the Raya Haji holidays,i've been listing the plans on what i wanna do and whatsoever after i get back here. Ah, but now,still the same la maknyah ! Yeah,there's one that is going just like what i plan before. Never go to campus by van anymore ! Before this, i'm totally into it. Always waiting for the van,waiting for people to get in the van. I'm just to lazy to walk all the way to class as it takes about 15 minutes to walk all the way using Jalan Biawak. If I get into the van and pay for 40 cent, about 5 min,i get to reach the campus already. Easy hah ? I really need to think that walking to class is actually one of the easiest exercises that i can do every single day. Walking and walking from hostel to campus and from campus going back to the hostel. Can i do that way ? Hee, its been so hard for me to lose weight now :( Ohh, sekarang dah masuk musim tengkujuh already tau. Everyday harus hujan kat sini. I love when the weather is like that. Most people doesn't like it because it is so hard for them to go to campus,to wash clothes and so on. Tapi,aku sendiri tak tahan bila duduk dalam kelas bukak aircond lagi kan. Rasa nak bawak selimut pi kelas ja kann :) Aku dah malas nak typing ni. Harap maklum. Bye ! (Senang je hidup kan) :D