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Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweet together !



Saturday, April 16, 2011

pssst,psst, Farah Amalina and Nadiyah Zahrul, take note please :)

Assalamualaikum !

Panjang bebenor tajuk kali ni kan kan. Sumpah rindu gila kat blog ni. Oh,people. My final is going to end very soon. Another three papers left and 4 days left to be here in KMTK :) Frankly speaking, I'm not so sad or feel really bad to end this one year programme like so many people are saying "tak bestnya. nak kena balik rumah dah. cuti lama lama" oh,thats not me for sure ! Bukan niat untuk berlagak,angkuh,sombong apatah lagi riak dan takbur but then i'm looking forward for that day to come. Maybe sebab i've no very very very good bestfriends here but all my friends here are awesome. ! Macamana nak cakap eh ? Pandai pandai pikir la yer. Maybe bila dah balik rumah baru aku rindu kot ! roomates, classmates bagai. :)

Oh damn, this is not what i'm going to be posting here. Hey, Farah and Nad ! Sorry for wasting your time reading all the babbling ha ! Oh, rasanya takpe kot since I know that both of you are really having GOOD times at home, right ? Haha :)

NadiyahZahrul and Farah Amalina,  tiba tiba nak tabik spring dengan hampa sebab blog hampa very the awesome one ! dont know how to say but, tiba tiba nak berguru dengan hampa. Perlu ke buat satu entry untuk hampa ? Haha, perlu lah kot. Cess, cantik tahu tak ? I'm soo damn jealous ni ! Please do the tutorial haaa ! Kalau tak nak buat,please come to my house and ajar me personally especially the picture's part ! When it turns to pink curve ! Comel laaaaaaaa :(

Hehe, itu ja kot. Bye Bye hampa. Wish me luck on my examinations ha :)


Thursday, April 7, 2011


Puan Azzizah Bee Binti Ibrahim

your daughter is currently missing you freaking bad.
argh ! damn :(

I miss youuu,Mak :'(