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Friday, January 7, 2011

muet :'(

hello there,assalamualaikum.

hari ni gedik gedik jugak nak post something here. nothing much to say. but for your information,i just got my MUET result. a little bit frustrated. im hoping more. sigh. its okay. rezeki takat tu jaaa. haiyooo.

tehee,mengada nak tayang. 

ada jugak yang dapat Band 4, congratulations ! Band 5, im not really sure. haha. then, petang tu jugak serbu bilik HEP,pi amik slip MUET tu.  my english lecturer cakap dalam slip tu ada details about our marks untuk every task including your overall marks. sigh. sekali lagi, aku frust. about 9 marks lagi before i can jump into Band 4. wth ?! sakit hati betoiiii. my writing really sucks. apa yang aku tulis pon tak tau la. tapi memang sikit la senang cakap. toink toink. now, everything ruined. baru ingat nak apply tesl. memang tak layak lah kan. tesl need at least Band 4 doe. :'(
maybe, im born to be engineer kot ! :P just going to stick with it. ada hikmahnya tuuu ! so, stop dreaming of being an english lecturer, dear nissa ! :D chill,babe. jadi la engineering lecturer,maybe. insyaAllah. pray for my success,people. love yaaa till the end. :* supposely,by this time, im having a fun time with the books. the exam is really close. berapa hari ja lagi sengal ! 

sudah sudah. im done. serius ni :) stop typing nissa ! HAHA, really got to go now. if not, im going to fail for my UPS 2. the books are waiting. 'nissa, come to us nowww ! jerk ! :D

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  1. nk apply tesl kew?try mtk ums cz de mmber dlu dpt band 3 fortunately dpt course tesl kat ums..gd luck!