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Friday, October 15, 2010

to be frank,im not ready ;(

again.im not ready.

can i say it again?pffft.stop it,nisa.

yeah,the finals are coming and yet nisa is not ready.see,i've said it.lalala~
how?how?what should i do now?yes,i've been revising and ended to feel sleepy maa!oh,its normal to be that way,i guess :/

no!this is serious.ive been seriously gila bapak punya revise.pagi,petang,siang,malam.my hands never left my sweetie pie books.most of the time was physics books.sigh.masuk tandas pon dengan books.oh,itu hiperbola. ;P it is just that im not confident enough with myself.yup,myself.why should i have that damn feeling! =='

im having my precious time next week with 4 major subject. PHYSICS,MATHEMATICS,CHEMISTRY,CIVIL ENGINEERING.oh,it is such pecah kepala to cover all the topics in each subject and dont u guys realised that 'this lazy girl still have time with her cutie blog.winkwink (",)

okay.im done.now,im craving for milo panas with biscuits.sodap makan hujan hujan ni.plus,malas nak siap turun cafe for breakfast as my roomates semua still having their own sweet dreams on bed.pffffft.bangun la cepat,anak anak dara! ;)

p/s:one week more to go before im going back to penang
counting days,people! ;)   

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