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Saturday, June 11, 2011



First of all, good morning. It's 7.13 am now and i'm not even wash my face, take my bath or anything. I just sit in front of my laptop and start blogging. Okay, it is quite hard for me before this to have not even one post in my blog just because i dont have any idea or can i say that the interest is getting little lower. I'm super duper fine during the damn longer holidays. Eat and eat ! Pftt. I'm not working, didnt take driving license, no diet, no facial treatment. its a disaster okay ? Aduhhh. I'm wasting lots and lots of time.

     1.  The USM result was out yesterday and i am super confident that i'm not qualified enough to enter that University. My result is not that cool to make me,as one of the USM students. I'm ready for that mentally i guess. Congratulations to those who succeeded entering the university. Think wisely before you make any decision okay kawan ?                                                                                                                            

    2.  I've watched KL Gangster yesterday with Farah,Pait,Husna and Kaklong. Fully recommended to you      guys ! Go and watch it like seriously. All the actor/actress in there were awesome and Zizan was the best part for me. Tickets was sold freaking fast. Hello, yesterday was friday. Can you imagine how is it like on Sunday ? Please dont watch it on Sunday. Sumpah ramai ! At the first place, i hate this kind of movie so much because its really annoyed me but then having your butt sitting in the cinema watching this movie was just worth it. Shamsul Yusof, 10% for me okay ? Dah promote terok ni ! :)

I just love him ! Good job Zizan :)

Okay thats it. Nothing much. Bored haa ? Dont read it maaa. Tak suruh pon ! Oh,another thing. Maharaja Lawak semalam sempoi ohh. Jozan ! Haha. Bye bloggers, haters and all the -ers. :) Have a nice weekend ! 


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