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Friday, February 18, 2011

weekends babbling.


as usual, i'm posting my new entry from hostel. malam jumaat. yes, tomorrow's off. no lectures, no class. heaven lah :) this week was a little bit serabut and quite stressed. i've got my mid semester result and im quite frustrated though.yeah, perjalanan mesti diteruskan. berjihad menuntut ilmu Allah swt. even if i failed, im going to continue till the end and always praying that i got blessed for everything i do in my life. insyaAllah. through this week, i've made a bit of changes in order to get good result. check it out yaww !

  1. often asking lecturers yang superb superb belaka. its helped me lots derrr :) dulu dulu tu, saya spesies malu malu kambing sikit. pffftt
  2. finished up all the tutorials but sory, im not done yet. physics,chemistry and MATHEMATICS ! :( i will ! i will ! i will ! struggle
  3. banyak banyakkan lah ke surau yawwww. its not that im saying, im so like ustazah or what but insyaAllah. takkan nak penuhkan surau bila dekat nak exam ja kot. time kita susah kita cari Dia, time senang, do we think of Him. astagfirullah. i did that before and i see the results. insyaAllah, not this time :')  forgive me,Allah.
  4. never think negative again and again. as myself, i always feel that i cant do this, i dont know about this, im not clever, im this, im that. its blocking my mind, i guess. im just making things become more difficult. :( sigh
ohh, rasanya tu ja kot. penat menaip derr. 


  1. insyaAllah, all the best in whatever you do! <3

  2. huhu..bagus2...tngkatkn usaha anda...heheheh~~

  3. cikmerah comel : thanks darling.insyaAllah :)

    layha kiut : terima kasih classmate. love you !