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Thursday, October 7, 2010


hello peeps!straight to the point,im quite nervous rite now coz less than 5 days im going to face the muet.the real muet okay?yeah,im not good enough to speak fluently in english but alhamdulillah,not so bad lah.my muet is on monday and for real,im the first candidate.oh,i mean candidate A.lol.such a bad thing for me as i have only 2 minutes to prepare.for candidate B,C and D.they still can silently think about their points while im talking.yeah,such an unfair.ahha,yes.as i want to make it easy,i have to practise by now,i guess.speak in english,sings in english,read english stuff,and insyaAllah i could make it.yeah,did u realise.im blogging in english!have a round of applause to me!teheeeeeeeeee (: pls,i beg you.dont laugh when u read my english posts.i know there are a lot of grammatical error here.yeah,i do love english as before this,my dream is to be an english lecturer okay.but,i hstill dont have rezeki yet to be like i wanted to.insyaAllah,one day,i will.(will full of spirit)

okay,do pray for me guys.im hoping so!love you guys tight tight(this is so broken english)teheeeee.i'll tell it before u laugh guling guling at me. winkwink.have a nice day,dear friends,xoxo daaaaaaaaaaa :)))

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