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Friday, October 8, 2010

blogger ini sedang berduka.

adam dan hawa.

saya sedang berduka.sedih.menangis.

when im counting days to see my mum.suddenly,she couldnt make it.sumpah,saya kecewa.i was extremely dissapointed.im super missing my mum,God knows.today,im just crying from 3 pm till now.im super duper sad.

Allah,do lend me Your strength.im not strong enough to face Your test.
laptop rosak,handphone rosak,kredit habis,duit takde,mak takmau mai jenguk saya and im damn stress about all that.

okay,im going to face my muet and final exam that will decide whether i can still be here or not.and no one bother about that.kenapa dulu waktu i nak SPM,everybody was taking good care of my feeling.but now?kena tendang keluar,baru semua nak terhegeh hegeh tanya,bila dah sakit masuk hospital baru semua nak serbu.DAMN!

i just need you to be here with me,mum.its not that im asking u to come here every weekends.but just this weekends coz i need ur bless before entering the exam hall.i've told you a week before this weekends.suddenly those people who just tell you this and that,just bcoz of them,u forget your promise to be.sumpah,air mata saya kembali mengalir sekali lagi.thanks mum ;(

saya sudah menjadi anak derhaka.tahniah kepada saya.confirm saya tak boleh jawab exam nanti.tahniah sekali lagi.applause!

good job,nisa! :'(

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