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Friday, October 1, 2010


its been so long since i last updated my blog.yeah,too long.so many things happen during that time.and yes,im helpless.lately,im not feeling well.flu and fever,i guess.u dont have to ask.surely,i've taken the medicine and i hate it for real.

kinda missing my lovely mother right now.i cant go back even if i want to.yeah!too hard for me or im the one who make it hard?lol.im not use to be sick without my mother around me.again,im helpless.thanks to the buddies who dare to help the helpless.

okay,im telling this to you.hairul azzuan.i like you.i like your ways.but,im getting bored of all the nonsense you are telling me.what nonsense?only you and me know.its just that we are not meant to be.maybe,there is someone else who is far away better from me,isnt it?thanks for the sweet memories.take good care of yourself,hm?and im taking this as Allah loves me that He keeps you away from me.if the faith tells that khairunissa and you are together.just dont worry.time will show it.okay?

yeah,the followers.from the time being,im going ti have my final examination.guees what?they will kick my ass out from this college if my CGPA is not like what they want.alright?so,do pray for my success,yeah!love you strong strong.ahha!xoxo

done!bai (;

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