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Monday, July 26, 2010

mid semester holiday


im having my precious moments in penang now!
guess what?kinda missing those people in pendang. <3
husna,fadh,zue,zar,aini :D

haha!had fun with seeha,pait,pirah,leman with few of his friends.
movie,eat,talk,window shop.great!
little bit frust bcoz we were not being able to watch eclipse.
but,the movie dat we chose was totally 'SEMPOI'
winkwink ;p

5days left!
time,do move slowly yahh!
i wanna spend more time in penang.
with family and friends!
luckily,my friends in UM also having their holiday too!

im pissed off about you!
u're avoiding me!
not answering my calls.replying my messanges!
uhhhh!i hate u more!

nisa is totally insane.
dont bother her,pls ")

1 comment:

  1. salam.
    saya dulu kenduri kawin di Pendang
    kampong Charok Kudung..rumah arwah tok wan..semua dah tak da..lama dah tak balik..rindu gak kaum kerabat kat sana..