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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

walk a rainbow road

i searched for treasure
once my mother told me
it was at the end of the rainbow

i gazed at the colorful bridge
my dream wondered there
it was always very fun to walk on

i could choose colours
i could walk on the blue lane
the red one was also interesting
i could pick one colour a day
my life was never dull

everytime after the rain
i would be there looking at the sky
i dream once i grew up
i would be able to reach the end of the rainbow

up i grow
hard i work
gone the rainbow bridge
gone the dream treasure
i explore reality

i walk every path of my life
i rush my aim
i forget the treasure at the end of the rainbow

so dull the road i walk
so foggy the pathway
so unfriendly the passers by
so weary i stop

no more dull road
no more illusion
no more search
no more

my dream comes back
the seven colours in front of me
but i just can't see how i can walk
my legs are too drained
i have walked far too long

i wish i had chosen
to walk on the rainbow

it doesn't matter wether there is treasure at the end
as long as i can enjoy while i walk
the joy is what matter

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