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Sunday, December 5, 2010

mula berbicara

assalamualaikum, :)

lama sangat sangat dah tak berblogging. quite many things happen to me for the past few weeks. alhamdulillah, thank you, Allah. first of all, nak bagitau ni ! i had make it ! alhamdulillah, im in second semester in matriculation. thank God ! dari sekolah menengah sampai la dah masuk matriks, i hate to be in the situation where there are soo many people when we are about to take our results ! sucks ! dengan pengarah, HEP, ketua jabatan civil eng. walawehhh, tak boleh tengok dalam system kah ? aiyooooo,

teheeee, saja nak merungut sikit. such a long time since the last time i wrote here. too busy lately. sejak sejak dah confirm masuk sem dua ni, too many things to be handle. too many assignments to be completed. haishh, nak abiskan satu entry pon ambik masa 4 5 hari. what a life. 

semester dua
 i was placed in LCT 1. yeah,alhamdulillah. friends was awesome ! first day in class, memang kekok sikit but now kamceng dah. yes, this semester is a bit tougher than before. yela,mana ada benda makin senang. semua nak presentations, banyak assignment, research about this and that. makes me wonder when is this going to end. but, i think im enjoying my life here. much better than mula mula masuk. alhamdulillah. praised to Allah. :)

lecturers pon dah bertukar. but, still okay. this semester, im taking ict and islamic studies. so, im happy with that ! dapat ustaz zainol yang sangat lawak and sir fizaril yang sangat busy sampai no chances to be in his classes for about 5 weeks. cepat la habis kursus tuuu :) mathematics is getting more difficult and i hope that i dont lose my interest in that subject. insyaAllah :D

what is in my mind now ?

im thinking of asking for my english lecturer's advice on my interest to apply for TESL after my final examination is over . i hope for it soo much. since i was so frustrated after being rejected, i guess. insyaAllah,ada rezeki, tak kemana kan kan kan. nak sedapkan hati ni :(

okay, done. im off to pray! lepas isyak nak turun cafe finishing my chemistry report. love !

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