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Friday, December 17, 2010

deep in my heart (:


its been a long time since i last wrote here. to be frank, i've been completely happy with my life now onwards.alhamdulillah. i have more great friends that make my days. lately, the subjects here is ruining my day. its totally tough as for me as an average students who are not someone who is intelligent as other people.

yeah, enough for the mood of the author.

its weekends now. tomorrow, i'll be having some kind of ceramah on islamic,i guess. hoping it will turn to something that is memorable and hopefully that i will not sleep in the hall. insyaallah. khairunissa rosle is getting lazy to make her sweetie tutorial. aiyooo. what should i do?this sunday i have to submit my mathematics assignment to Mr. Farid and guess what? it is not completed yet sayang ! everyone here is whining of why we cant go home this and another weekend. but, its fine with me. cheer up,guys !
about four month left for me here in kedah technical matriculation college. every second here is precious and im totally sure that most of us realised about that but then, why im still being so not a student who have to be almost of their time with books ? why am i acting like this. i have no idea about that. :'(
okay, i had just received my pin number to apply for the universities. yes,it makes me wonder can i achieved my dream? the one that i didnt manage to get after my spm. insyaallah, for usm intake, i tried to apply my dream course and im praying to get it but im also afraid if i could not get it. the frustration that i felt before this makes me become a little bit scary. the tears in the past makes me think a lot. i will ask advices from the lecturers about it. it is such a relief if i got their blessing as well. insyaAllah.

p/s: i miss my family and wondering what are they doing now. missing them so damn much :'(

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